“Gregory Deane is a world class, contemporary artist, one of the finest in California.  My clients are delighted and impressed by the visual influence his paintings add to a room.  
Gregory's art becomes a focal point in any environment that it's placed in.”

Bev Viguerie | Viguerie Interiors

“Gregory Deane’s paintings have been the inspiration for many of my interior design projects.  Repeatedly, over many years, we’ve developed the design and color scheme for an entire home or office based on a Gregory Deane painting.  His Contemporary Abstract Paintings have a complexity and depth that inspire.

We love presenting Deane’s paintings to clients…at the beginning of a new project or as an addition to an existing space…because the client soon learns that they continue to discover more detail the longer they are with the painting.
Ron Martino |  Martino Interiors

Gregory Deane's paintings are meant to be a part of your life and lifestyle. His goal is to create work that will inspire and energize you, restore your spirit and have personal meaning to you. His work is beautiful in a room setting, becoming a focal point without overwhelming or distracting the atmosphere and design.