Martino Interiors
“As a friend and Interior Designer, I have been a fan of Gregory Deane’s contemporary abstract art for several decades.  His sense of color, balance and innovation and his ability to always present the unexpected, make him a treasured asset in creating stunning modern art solutions full of expression, texture and depth.  Greg’s rare talent and dedication to his artistic expression will keep me an avid collector both personally and professionally"
Barbara Riera| Riera Design & Interiors

“When it comes to ‘Modern Abstract Art’, Gregory Deane’s work fit’s into a broad range of applications, and results in a timeless quality that the viewer and collector recognizes and appreciates.”
George Lewandowski Owner/Curator  | Resource For Art

"Gregory Deane gives names to his work; however, most viewers will see their own meaning and story with his paintings.

We attended his solo exhibition at the Academia in Florence Italy and saw how widely appreciated his work was in the Italian classical art culture of today. As a contemporary abstract painter, Gregory Deane creates works of timeless beauty that have universal appeal.”
Ron Martino |  Martino Interiors

“Many of my clients start their art collection with Gregory Deane’s work. It goes so well in a beautiful residential setting.
 I can easily design a room around the right painting”

Bev Viguerie | Viguerie Interiors