“Life has its many changes, as do the hands of the painter. 
The emotion in my work often comes from somewhere deep down,

and can speak to the inner part of each person,” 


Gregory Deane is a contemporary California artist specializing in expressionist painting. His body of work features fields of color and organic texture paired with free movement and dramatic gesture to express profound emotion on canvas. 

“I sometimes have certain things in my mind when I create each piece, perhaps the emotion of joy or tranquility when I choose my colors, or perhaps the influence of the Orient or an obscure European tradition when I layer in bits of paper or gold leaf. This is new art, but tradition is frequently there too.”

Deane was born in Oregon and moved to California as a teenager he was strongly drawn towards fine arts, particularly expressionism and character studies. Design school brought him to San Francisco where he entered into the world of interior design during a very exciting period, interiors began to be recognized as functional art, contemporary design created the setting for large format contemporary paintings and sculpture. He met his wife Margo during this period and she inspired him to transition to his true passion for painting and mixed media art. Gregory opened his studio and began his first series of paintings, Pages of Time motivated by an Asian influence. The true spirit of abstract expressionism flows through his body of work, color, tone and shadow have always played a fundamental role in convergence with a sense of depth and motion.

Gregory Deane’s abstraction integrates mixed media. “Including a photograph or words from a newspaper, bits of tissue paper or whatever might be at hand,” the artist reports, “I can evoke a grounding feeling of place and a sense of time, whether it’s an African jungle or a Chinese market.” 

Deane has been profoundly influenced by the masters of contemporary art, Franz Kline. Robert Rauschenberg and the color work of Paul Jenkins. “The poetry of life is my greatest influence, though,” Deane says, and you see it in the symphonic expression of his paintings.

Deane's work is in the collection of the Accademia delle Arti del Designo in Florence, Italy where he was the first American to have an exhibition in the museum's history. Accademia delle Arti del Designo was  founded by Michaelangelo, and is an important part of the world of influential art in Florence. Deane also has a painting in the permanent collection of Florence’s Uffizi Gallery and enjoys a long list of prominent collectors.

Gregory has a beautiful studio in Palo Alto that is open by appointment, it is the best way to see the artist in action and his current works. The opportunity of seeing him work or viewing his most current pieces is an unforgettable experience.